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Jo works with individuals to gain clarity on their own definition of “success” and then works with clients to identify specific tools and techniques that they can use on a daily basis to rapidly accelerate the rate at which they achieve their goals.


Jo has developed a highly successful and wide ranging practice, working with individuals, teams and organisations at the highest level.

"Jo has made me think in a unique and challenging way, providing me with tools to quickly make decisions. "
- Dr. Tim Brabants MBE (Team GB Gold Medallist)

"Jo’s engagement, enthusiasm and inspirational techniques, showed that even an enlightened continuous improvement focussed organisation always has the capacity to learn new approaches to traditional challenges. "
- Operations Director, Leyland Trucks

"The goal setting process allows you to not only set long term objectives but also how to break them down into real actions, thus avoiding your goals being mere pipe dreams. "
- Bid Director, NGBailey

"Jo changed my view on coaching from a sceptical to a positive one in the space of a couple of sessions. It was refreshing and extremely productive to have an independent review of my position and that of the business and assistance to forward plan and goal set.” "
- Deputy CEO Together Housing

"This coach has instant credibility and the ability to motivate into action... builds strong and early rapport. Jo develops ongoing abilities whilst realising early results. "
- Anon


Jo is an accredited Professional Executive Coach...

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